When it comes to asset management and tracking, there are only a select few software that can deliver the quality and time-tested results you may need for your industry. Whether you work in the maintenance, engineering, or purchasing department; or need to manage any materials from network administration to maintenance activities, GP MaTe is the industry’s leading software for asset management tracking tools.

For example, let’s say your company works with heavy machinery and equipment. Every piece of equipment is accurately labeled and identified with unique ID tags and numbers. GP MaTe allows for simply and efficient tracking of assets by making use of powerful search capabilities and software functions. Movement of assets as well as serialized components can also be tracked in GP MaTe.

Equipment can be designated with functional information as well as assigned locations. GP MaTe is currently being used in numerous industries across the globe and is the one of the premium asset management tracking tools.

Any plant, industry or facility that has the need to schedule maintenance activities, maintain proper spare parts, and be able to generate flexible reports should consider GP MaTe.  This system also has extensions to manage safety issues, like Process Safety Management or Management of Change.

Smart Asset Management Tracking Tools Software

GP MaTe is able to determine and recommend other maintenance activities based on equipment information.  GP MaTe also uses the Equipment Type Designation to help target useful maintenance feedback information by limiting failure codes and problem codes based upon the equipment type. This is critical for supporting Reliability Analysis and Root Cause determinations.

Thorough Documentation

Uploading and linking external documents is easy with GP MaTe. You’ll be able to provide information to online users who may need the information quickly, or are in a somewhat remote location. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Operating Manuals
  • CAD Drawings
  • Product and Manufacturer’s Web Sites
  • Videos of Maintenance Procedures
  • Equipment Specifications

Documents can also be stored in the Procedures repository of the GP MaTe software, making it easy to keep track of maintenance and safety procedures as well as general equipment information. Procedures can be designated as mandatory, and will print as part of any work package involving the specific equipment.

GP MaTe is designed to be used on the job every day. Maintaining efficiency is crucial in any industry, and GP MaTe makes it simple to procure and search for, or input, equipment information, make purchases, and provide an excellent system for asset management and tracking.

With quick and accurate search capabilities, GP MaTe contains all the right features you will need for your business, provided in a format that is easy to use and extremely user friendly. You won’t find any better asset management tracking tools!